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What to Do When You Go To Do Self Service Car Wash at a Car Wash

The best way to learn about a self-service car wash is by visiting it yourself. Many professional car wash owners are happy to explain their various car cleaning methods and wax treatments to a potential customer. However, you should expect to be asked to pay a deposit before you are allowed to enter the facility. It is a wise idea to secure a deposit from a friend or family member who can afford to pay for the deposit when the self-service car wash is full.

Some of the more popular attractions in many cities include the Grand Canyon, Six Flags Magic Mountain and the Statue of Liberty. These attractions are generally well staffed and many people are able to get in and out of these theme parks on a regular basis. However, there are also many self serve car washes located in small towns that do not get as much tourist traffic. Unfortunately, these smaller towns usually have limited time slots available and you will have to wait on a limited time schedule for your turn to be washed.

The best way to avoid having to wait on a slow line is to go to a self-service car wash when the facilities are less busy. Even if the facilities are busier than normal, you should be able to squeeze in a quick wash. If you arrive at an hour that has just thirty minutes available, you could still take advantage of the fifteen minute spray. Just remember to keep the spray on all the time even when you are not washing your car. A well maintained washer can usually get rid of fifty percent of the dirt from your wheels and the grime from the floor.

In order to maximize the amount of grime and dirt removed, follow the manufacturer’s directions when you clean your car. Some of the instructions state you only need to rinse the car. This is true, but leaving the spray on for fifteen minutes prior to rinsing is also beneficial. Leaving the rinse cycle on will allow the water to loosen the dirt that has collected over time.

Use the correct hand tool for your self service car wash. If you are using a standard sprayer wand, the right tool is one that has a wide head and round tips. The rounded tip will go around all corners of the car. When you go to use the wand on a wheel, it will be easier to reach all areas of the wheel without touching any grime or dirt along the way. If you are using the self-service wand on a touchless soap nozzle, you will want a wand with an open-ended tip.

These are only a few things to remember when you go to do your self-service car washes. There are other things to keep in mind when you are doing your washing in a professional atmosphere. A good detailing shop will always have a safety poster board on the wall, showing you how to clean certain parts of a car safely and how to avoid damage to the paint job. If you have done self-service car washes before, you should know what to look for on these posters. There may be some parts of your car that you will not be able to reach with your hands. It would be better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your vehicle’s paint job.

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