Getting Back to Gym After an Injury

Besides the health benefits associated with regular physical activities, there are some risks of injuries associated with these activities, however, these injuries are highly preventable through a well designed and customized exercise program but sometimes they just happen you start experiencing sharp pain in your lower back, awkward move, cracking sounds or split shin, when this happens the ideal thing to do is to temporarily exit from physical exercises and seek medical attention. People find it difficult to wait until full recovery after an injury to resume their exercise program, this puts them at risk of the injury reoccurring and more worse hurting other parts which can throw them off the program for a longer period than the first time. After an injury, the safe way to get back to the gym is to look for recommended post injuries exercise guidelines that allow gradual, progressive, and safe physical activities. This article, therefore, has outlined some factors you need to consider after an injury before hitting the gym.

Before anything else consult with your doctor, this is important because your doctor will assess the ability of the injured part to withstand the pressure of physical activities you engage in and make a reasoned decision, it is also recommended that you talk to an exercise scientist if you were working with one to give you their views, the exercise scientist will perform some post-injury fitness tests which assess your readiness to resume to your workout regimen.

Once you get a nod from your doctor the next thing is to mentally prepare yourself, think of what landed you where you are, was it overtraining, inappropriate sports attire, lack of enough recovery? Poor exercise techniques? And many other things that could have caused the injury, this is important because it acts as a lesson that you learn and prevents you from making similar mistakes, mental preparation is also important to help you stay positive, focus and appreciate your current level of fitness and give you confidence that you will attain your normal fitness levels with time.

Now that you have a yes from your doctor and you know the cause of your injury you are recommended to start slow with your physical activities, you can start with exercise intensity of 50 percent of your normal level and gradually increase by 10 or 15 percent, make sure you allow your body to adapt to the training load by giving sufficient recovery time, also important are warm-ups and stretches to ensure a safe and effective exercise regimen. You can use these ideas to get you back to your normal exercise regimen after an injury.

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