Soaking in a luxurious bath to unwind is one of the simplest pleasures in life. Lying in a regular tub can be uncomfortable, which is why the slipper tub has become the top choice for discerning homeowners. Discover the advantage of choosing a Slipper Bathtub for the next bathroom renovation project.

What Is a Slipper Tub?

Much like a heeled shoe or slipper, a slipper tub is typically raised higher at one end to support a bather’s back. A double slipper bathtub is ergonomically raised at both ends to accommodate two bathers or provide a higher level of comfort to a single bather. Created in the 19th century, a slipper tub is a high-end option that gives the space a Victorian feel.

Add a Touch of Class

For many years, adding a slipper tub to the bathroom has added the ultimate touch of class. Available in a wide range of designs, this classically beautiful tub matches any bathroom decorating plan. Choose fixtures to complement the tub and the overall bathroom design.

Get Comfortable

Once a bather tries a slipper tub, it is difficult to bathe in any other type of bathtub. Proper back support makes it easy to relax and take advantage of the soothing water to alleviate tension in the muscles. Homeowners are glad to leave the days of awkward bath pillows and uncomfortable positioning behind.

An Array of Shapes and Sizes

While larger slipper tubs are made for two, these attractive tubs come in an array of shapes and sizes. A smaller slipper tub can easily fit into a compact bathroom, while a larger one with claw feet would look fabulous in an ample space. Choose a shape that suits the room and makes the bathers feel most at ease when soaking in a bath.

Bathrooms are some of the most utilized spaces in a home, and a renovation project should be focused on comfort. A slipper tub brings beauty into the room while providing an ergonomic position for total relaxation in the bath. Take a few minutes to browse around for the ultimate slipper bathtub to complete the room.